Adidas Men’s Ultraboost Laceless

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Men’s Ultraboost Laceless shoes are a streamlined, high-performance, lace-free design that delivers an unrestricted experience. Seen as empowered minimalism, men’s laceless running shoes allow you to shut out the distractions. The Primeknit upper’s sock-like fit holds the foot in place for supportive feel. The forged band locks in a stable stride, creating shoes with flexibility and versatility for the neutral runner. With distractions minimized, focus on what matters most: To be greater every run.

These have become my favorite shoes ever. They are super comfy and have broken in so nicely. They fit perfectly. Originally I thought the. A bit too tight over the top of the foot and recommended buying up a half size, but Ayer a few weeks that loosened up to where the fit is fantastic. These are my go to shoes. They look great, feel great, and perform great. I will buy 2-3 more pairs in different colors.

Bottom line

A lightweight shoe that is heavy on performance, the Adidas Ultra Boost Laceless has won many runners over with its simple structure and efficient features. A good majority of users celebrated the shoe for its above-average performance. It is a good option for female runners who are looking for a street-ready running partner.