Reebok Kamikaze II Low Alert Yellow/Black FY9781

With International Women’s Day events and a collaboration with Candy Land, the Reebok Kamikaze II – both high and low – is getting some attention this month. The 1996 model continues to evolve with the release of the Kamikaze II Lowe in the striking new Alert Yellow/Black/Sparker Gray color scheme.

The soft synthetic nubuck upper in Spacer Grey provides an immediate contrast to the black zigzag overlays. While these leather elements already provide an aggressive look, Alert’s offering goes a step further with contrasting yellow stitching. The bold hue also adorns the tongue and lower half of the model. The use of that yellow raincoat-like thing could be a clever reference to the man in the title, namely Sean Kemp, who wore the first Kamikaze II. A lightweight EVA midsole and unique Hexalite cushioning provide a comfortable outsole that completes the design.

The low-top silhouette is available now at Reebok Portugal. All other sneakers will have to wait for more information on

For more on the British brand, check out Reebok’s upcoming collaboration with Brain Dead.

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Reebok Kamikaze II Low
Release date: 2021
Color : Yellow Alarm/Black/Grey SpicerHommes : 120
Style code : TAX YEAR 19781

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