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What You Should Know.

  • Theweighs 12.3 oz. (349 g) for US M9 / 8 oz (227 g) for US W7
  • Foam midsole provides a soft and resilient ride.
  • Sand and dirt are no problem for this stylish top
  • Can be a seasonal shoe because of thick upper

TAYLOR: 361° is known worldwide for products ranging from basketball shoes ready for the moon landing to speedsters ready for takeoff. Yushan 2 is the latest 361° offering. In the second edition, Yushan seems to have gained a lot of attention with the additions in the seals and couplings section. With a new color palette, Yushan 2 has a lot to offer.

ALEX: Until this shoe arrived, I had no experience with this brand and didn’t know what to expect. Still, the feminine touch immediately prompted me to curl my hair and wear a top with acid-washed jeans. I liked it.


TAYLOR : Despite its weight, the Yushan 2 does not skimp on performance.

The Yushan 2 is very comfortable with a thick one-piece knit upper that keeps the runner’s feet comfortable. It is a tightly woven material that keeps dirt and dust out, so you can feel comfortable while running. It reminds me very much of Mizuno’s Wave Knit upper, with the same thickness and comfort. The integrated tongue keeps the foot soft and firmly in place.

The real safety comes from the added morphite technology and the contoured heel cup. It is essentially a knit overlay that surrounds the entire leg. It offers midfoot support, increased durability and better overall comfort. I was surprised at how well this package handled moderate technical paths with little or no inward shift.

Yushan 2 contains EVA 361° foam, Qu!kfoam and Qu!kspring+. The combination is dense and moderately sensitive. It’s not at all like walking in the clouds, which I really like. A stacking height of 18-26 mm is sufficient to get a good protected feeling under the feet. Every step of Yushan 2 is smooth from start to finish. The lack of a stone plate means the shoe retains a degree of flexibility for smooth transitions.

Probationary period – probationary period related to traction. The Yushan 2 has only 3mm studs, but their different shape and orientation give you confidence when riding off-road, even on asphalt, gravel, packed snow, dry rock roads and mud.

I think the black/craft color is great. The deep black is a better canvas for dirt than most white options that appear. The triad of primary colours also stands out.

ALEX: The heel collar is one of the first things I check on new shoes, and this one is like a perfectly shaped neck pillow for my heel. It is discreet and well padded. While we’re at it, let’s talk about those high-frequency 3D cast sales. It not only increases the stability of the shoe by securing the heel, but also provides armored protection around the heel.

I liked that the Yushan 2 is the same height as the HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat, and my achilles were not bothered by the extra 4mm height difference. The soft Qu!kfoam gives this shoe lots of flexibility and moderate elasticity. I have ridden these shoes on a variety of trails including snow and ice, gravel, technical trails and asphalt. The grippy sole keeps any terrain under control and provides smooth transitions between surfaces.

Yushan Winkel 2 – Men
Yushan Winkel 2 – Women


Taylor: 13.9 oz. Let me say that again. 13.9 ounces. Compared to many other trail shoes, they look like train cars. I don’t know why the 361° weighs 2.3 ounces more than the first iteration. When you look at this shoe, think of it as a shoe for 10 miles or less, or a pedestrian.

With such a thick top, it won’t be your first choice for summer trail adventures either.

ALEX: This shoe is a little over the top. There is a balance between responsiveness, stability and durability, but I wonder if it couldn’t have been done with less. The preformed heel and toe, for example, while offering a high level of protection, feel unwieldy.

The closed mesh at the top makes the Yushan 2 heavier and makes me suspect it won’t breathe as well as some of its frivolous competitors during the summer months.

Yushan Winkel 2 – Men
Yushan Winkel 2 – Women

361 degrees Yushan 2 exit

TAYLOR : 361° Yushan 2 for those looking for an ultra-comfortable trail shoe. Overall, the knit upper and moderately soft Qu!kfoam carry the weight of this smart crossover shoe. With a smooth ride, a good fit, an 8mm elevation gain, and a thin but grippy sole, this shoe is a great option for people who regularly run on the streets and want to venture out on the trails.

ALEX: The 361° Yushan 2 is a versatile shoe that offers a stable ride, a responsive midsole, and plenty of protection for long days on the trail.

You can climb 361 Degrees Yushan 2 using the store link below.

Yushan Winkel 2 – Men
Yushan Winkel 2 – Women


Taylor Bodine is a trail and ultra runner who lives in Estes Park, Colorado with his wife and daughter. He and his wife enjoy walking the trails of Rocky Mountain National Park. When he’s not running, Taylor is a kindergarten and first grade teacher. Class, running coach and youth leader at his church.

Alex is an ultra runner who endures the long, cold winters of Minnesota. She works in the field of public health and enjoys a creative approach to the new health and environmental challenges people face.

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