Air Jordan XXXI Performance Review

nike air jordan xxxi

A Sneak Peek for Sports Fanatics

Air Jordan XXXI is yet another addition to Air Jordan athletic footwear series.

Sports enthusiasts always pay due attention to fine details of such popular sports footwear. Every model has diverse features. Having the sports footwear from the same brand does not mean that you get the same benefits and features throughout the product line. New release comes with its own set of pros and cons. Air Jordan XXXI is a reputable brand with millions of fans around the globe. Before you go for the purchase of this popular model, give a thorough read to the insights regarding the features of this model. This model has come with some old features combined with some new ones. One thing needs to be mentioned before getting into the details. Air Jordan XXXI showcases the Nike swoosh after a long time. Air Jordan 1 had this Nike swoosh on it and now this model brings back the nostalgia of core beginning of Air Jordan shoes series. This Air Jordan XXXI performance review can provide you with an in-depth assessment per feature. From basic performance design to fine details of features, acquire an insight of Air Jordan XXXI. Let’s dig deep into the ins and outs of Air Jordan XXXI with a discussion over its features.

Traction — The First Performance Parameter

The predecessor of Air Jordan XXXI, which was Air Jordan XXX, had a very solid traction feature offering a proper grip over clean as well as dusty or rough surfaces. Air Jordan XXXI lacks the ability to capture the attention of Air Jordan fans in terms of traction. The double layered herringbone traction patterns on this mode are inconsistent. The inconsistent patterns make this model highly dependent over the nature of court. Have a clean court? Great! But a dusty court with this Air Jordan XXXI over it can become a bit unpleasant experience. This model is not capable of casting a good impression on you when it comes to the patterns of traction. The cushioning of Air Jordan XXXI lies in the average grade. It is neither excellent nor poor.

Cushion — Comfort & Convenience Altogether

This full-length zoom air unit offers a good cushioning feature with good impact protection. You get a super-low feel on the ground with responsiveness throughout the entire game. This full length zoom is a good feature of this model but lacks the comfort and amazing feel compared to the previous models. The unlocked cushioning in this model makes the energy compress and release easily. The cushion sits low to the ground, giving you a real feel of the ground. This unlocking feature can cost you the stability during the game. So don’t be surprised if you go for the quick crossover during the game and end up with some odd slips. Yes, you can expect a bit bouncier cushioning feature that could have been added to this model, but still this model lands good reviews for cushioning.

Materials — The Impression of Strength

Materials can be regarded as one of the standout features of this Air Jordan XXXI model. These premium materials possess some of the best attributes in terms of strength and durability. There is synthetic leather in the heel and Flyweave in the upper section. The Flyweave offers a much-desired support along with the freedom to execute multi-directional cuts during the game. You won’t experience any unpleasant feel on your foot, as no additional backing layers have been added to this model underneath the foot. When it comes to the material of this model, you won’t sense the need of making too many changes. The leather is good and free from the issues that can be experienced upon putting a cheap leather.

Size & Fit

The moderately wide size of this model makes it quite comfortable. You won’t sense too much loose space or too tight hold around your feet with this Air Jordan XXXI. Adjust the laces properly to make the right fit and you would sense a proper locking to the back area of the show. This model can be labeled as super comfy. The outsole is also quite smooth throughout the heel and forefoot areas.


Not excellent, but good! This is the most accurate tag line that can sum up the support offered by this model of Air Jordan series. First drawback in terms of support lies in the wide toe box of this model. If you have a narrow foot, then this can land you in a bit of inconvenience, both on court and off court. You can sense wobbly sensation during the play, all because of the unlocked cushion feature. This wobbly feeling can affect your lateral support as well. The court feel offered by Air Jordan XXXI is stable. Forefoot containment and heel lockdown can be given a thumbs up, but the width of the foot can force you to compromise on the support feature. The lockdown is secure and not very loose. You can acquire a firm grip in this model.

Final Take Away

Air Jordan XXXI comes with a lot of improvements and notable features, but still there is still much room for improvement in terms of traction and size. The traction patterns rely on the nature of surface, which is a major setback to this model. Traction can be a point of contention, but overall there is not much to criticize. This model brings a decent set of attributes for the basketball enthusiasts. On the other hand, there are multiple pros that are worth-mentioning like responsive cushioning and premium materials. Surely you cannot get the best of both worlds in every model. There are certain factors that have to be compromised. This model worth $185 is a decent addition to the Air Jordan product line. If you had expected some improvements from Air Jordan XXXI, then this model is worth trying. Put Air Jordan XXXI to the test and you would surely find some good attributes to leverage for your performance during the game.

There’s lot of Jordan’s shoes. It depends on you which to choose.