Best boots for paragliding

boots for paragliding

Paragliding sport requires proper footwear. Choosing your ideal flying shoes for paragliding starts with a choice between high or low. Do you go for high or low paragliding boots? Safe flying is the first step to think of, and therefore you require to ensure that you have the best paragliding shoes. Paragliding boots keep your feet dry and warm.

They offer special ankle reinforcement that protects your ankles even during bumpy landings. The best paragliding shoes should have cushioned soles and closed loops to prevent that linen from getting entangled. The best shoes for paragliding should be paragliding boots that are incredibly robust and lightweight with a rigid sole to facilitate climbing and alpine terrain.

If you ask anyone who has ever had an ankle injury, not only will they tell you that they don’t repair well, but that you can end up having ongoing ankle instability issues for life. Therefore, proper flying boots are designed to reduce the severity of those injuries; thus, the investment of paragliding boots that you need to make is one for a lifetime.

One of the paragliding boots’ primary features is closed-loop eyelets on the lacing system, instead of hook style eyelets, so that there are no snag hazards for lines to catch on. However, much it doesn’t seem like much of an issue, serious injuries have been reported for just that little thing. Also, you want a lightweight combination, but with adequate ankle protection, both for launching and for hiking up and downhills.

Paragliding shoes from Airstyle Paratrekking are outdoor boots designed explicitly for paragliding.  They are lightweight, have a rigid sole to facilitate alpine climbing. They have a shock-absorbent feature for added safety and two sides ankle support to enable you to start safely and enjoy a pleasant landing. Other features of the paragliding boots from Airstyle Paratrekking include;

  • Outstanding shock absorbent
  • Wind- and waterproof membrane due to Hydro Guard
  • Sturdy shoelaces
  • Seam-sealed
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Warm isolation
  • Two-sides ankle support
  • Solid-closed metal eyelets (no open eyelets)
  • Comfortable two-zone-lacing
  • Breathable
  • Top made of high-quality nubuck leather

Crispi AIRBORNE GTX paragliding boots

The airborne paragliding boot model features an ankle protection system that consists of removable shanks that support the ankle and help protect it from shocks, even violent ones, especially when landing. They come in various sizes and colors, grey and black hence you can choose the size that fits you. Crispi ensures that you get a safe landing. Crispi is one of the world-leading makers of parachuting and paragliding boots. Most fans of these shoes are aware of what landing entails, especially with cold ankles or on rough ground, and therefore they consequently know what to get for their ‘flying boots’

The airborne model has an ankle protection system consisting of removable stiff shanks that support the ankle and protect it from shocks, even the most violent ones that occur mainly on landing. The ankle support patented by Crispi, is removable and therefore, you get a chance to tune the level of support and comfort you require. They have a removable steel insert, so that when you want them to be stiff, especially during launching and landing, they are, but softer for the hike up and down.

This solution is patented worldwide, and ensures that a level of safety that no trekking boots, however how rigid they are, can offer. In addition to that, when the protection is removed, the Airborne is comfortable and excellent mountain boots. Plus, black never goes out of fashion! John Shaw, who sat at the Red Bull X-Alps race, tested them, and he hiked further than anyone else of the entire route that was taken. Any downside is that they have open-eyelets such as on the boots as part of their lacing system, which is a deal-breaker for some pilots. Fortunately, the eyelets can be changed out with minimal time and effort, with closed eyelet speed loops.

In –depth research into a pilot’s needs and the extensive tests that have been performed, have led to the development of an essential product that offers excellent support and protection from possible ferocious shocks, thanks to the Vibram shock-absorbent soles. Moreover, The Gore-Tex HTG membrane specially designed for more static uses ensures the best thermal foot insulation at all altitudes without affecting the feet’ breathability. Crispi is determined not to stop here but they have to continue improving their products by achieving their objectives.

The materials that they use in making these fantastic paragliding shoes include but not limited to:

  • Vibram sole
  • Gore-Tex lining
  • Tomaia; which is water repellent Nabuk (the result of a very light polishing, adopted to give a leather a velvet effect referred to as Nabuk

Most of the fans consider the boots as great for paragliding with extra, removable, ankle support when it’s needed.

The Salomon Quest GTX

Salomon, makes a boot, which is popular with the free-light paraglider community and, as it turns out, the special forces community. The Salomon Quest GTX, the boot is lightweight, with excellent ankle support, which can be further enhanced by a pair of removable orthopedic grade ankle supports like most funs reviews. Several rigid ankle support; T1, T2, and a new heavier version called the Volt.

 They also have a softer, lace-up version, which they claim gives more stability than taping. The rigid series runs around 45 dollars per piece on purchasing online, about around half that on ebay, and may be covered on individual health plans if you have a medical history of sprains or other ankle instability issues. They are very comfortable as running shoes, although it may take a wearing or two to break them in, then you can walk around wearing them all day, run, play sports, whatever, but your foot is not going to roll sideways.

Low or high boots?

Some pilots uses simple hiking shoes. These are good but don’t prevent from injuries. Most of ankle damage happens while landing and take off. Choose boots when you fly over mountains and you have to walk in mountain conditions few kilometers after flight.

In conclusion, always ensure that you get waterproof style paragliding boots with good grip and make sure that the lacing is tight yet adjustable to have a perfect combination of mobility and comfort. Remember, the right paragliding shoes cannot eliminate the risk of injury, but they can minimize damage in the ankle area.